September 24, 2007

I Can't Even Believe Silky Pony Said This!

***Hello, HotAir Readers, feel free to look around and comment, we also have a story about envirowackos trying to get the EPA to ban air fresheners,  I review the creepy Showtime series Dexter, and Newt issues a challenge to his supporters.***

The ambulance chaser suggested we need to put an end to frivolous lawsuits...yeah, Silky is saying this, SILKY EFFIN' PONY! He suggests that his fellow sharks should be barred from making more suit claims if they have a claim dropped as frivolous...

Says Silky

"I think that the bulk of the problem is created when cases are filed in the legal system that should never be filed, and the results are years of litigation and costs that are incurred by the health care provider that should not have been incurred," Edwards said. "A lot of that responsibility goes to the lawyers."

He wants to require two medical professionals to sign off on any claim before it is filed, I imagine this gets squeezed into the schedule with the mile long line of people getting their mandatory government dictated checkup.  Oh, and of course he says this...

"I do want to push back some on what I think is mostly insurance company-driven hysteria because I think the reality is that the cost associated with legal cases is well under 1 percent of our legal system," the former North Carolina senator said.

Yeah, and what is the percentage of cost to the medical field, Silky?

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