January 16, 2008

Hospital Study: Clowns Not Good for Decor in Children's Wards

***Hello fellow morons, just remember, when you're down here in doubleplusundead, YOU'LL FLOAT TOO!!!!***

They asked children 250 children how they felt a children's ward should be decorated to make them the most comfortable, and every last one reacted negatively to clown related decor.  Most of the kids said they were uncomfortable with clowns, some said they found them to be scary. Some of those interviewed were teenagers too, so this wasn't just little kids who said they found clowns scary.  A children's hospital in Glasgow has since removed clowns from their decor, and a guide regarding decor in children's wards is now being created.

I wonder what made people so afraid of clowns...


...dunno if we'll ever solve that one.

This is almost obligatory for clown-related stories, I'm ashamed I didn't put it in any other clown stories I've posted, Ace's Top Ten Signs a Clown Might Have Gone Bad.

...some more clown stories.

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