April 23, 2008

hitchens is as clueless about catholics as obama is about pennsylvanians

Hotair has this piece Hitch wrote for the Mirror linked in their headlines.  Hitch states the obvious in that Obama got his ass handed to him here in PA after spending an obscene amount of money here.  Hethen gives way too much credit to the Clinton campaign in their exploitation of the Bitter comments.  And then,

It had briefly looked as if, with the endorsement of Bob Casey, Senator Obama would have a good chance of attracting the traditionalist and Catholic vote.

No it didn't, where the hell does he get that?  Obama was never going to make any serious inroads with those voters.  Bob Casey might have gotten a small number of voters for Obama, but nothing near what he would have needed to even make it close.  Hitch either got that from someone who was swooning under the spell of Obamania, or read a really crappy analysis.

But here is why I'm even writing this,

Whether the Pope’s recent visit affected this or not is hard to tell, but the apparent front-runner has a lot of work to do before he can count on the support of the old-fashioned households who care about guns, values, churches and other keywords and code words that Mrs Clinton can exploit with more conviction than he can.

The Pope?  Really Hitch?  Really?  *sigh*  The Pope had zero effect on the PA primary, none, and that isn't difficult to tell.  The key demographic that crushed Obama here were blue collar white Democrats, who tend to be pro-2nd Amendment and social conservatives in PA, that a lot of them are Catholic is incidental.  Don't buy the hype.

Obama did so poorly with those voters because he is the poster child of the New Left.  The PA Democrats that broke so heavily for Hillary are not of the New Left.  They'll only take so much New Left crap before they bail and go for the Republican.  These voters are going to vote for who is the lesser threat to their lifestyle.  The New Republic and I both recognized this a few days ago.

When Obama showed open disdain for PA's religious culture and strong gun culture like he did, he made himself the bigger threat to their lifestyles.  PA voters outside of the Soviet of Philly are pro-2nd and socially conservative, they have long been that way, and will likely stay that way. 

Obama clearly didn't understand that, and shows no desire to understand it.  That makes him very dangerous in the eyes of PA voters.  It'll make winning the election nearly impossible for Obama, because Democrats usually need to win PA in order to win the election, and he can't do it.

These voters weren't shamed or influenced into voting a certain way by the Pope, Hitch needs to chill with his war on religion nonsense, it is definitely starting to effect his thinking in an ill way.

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