October 30, 2009

GM: I can haz moar moneyz?

GMAC is looking for another $5.6 billion in bailouts from the Feds.  This is of course on top of the $13.5 billion they got in earlier bailouts, and the bailouts for GM itself.  This line from the article is special,

A lack of leasing options is already being blamed for much of Cadillac's 44 percent drop in sales during the first nine months of this year.

Yeah, can't be that Cadillac is a luxury brand, the economy has cratered, and dozens of profitable Cadillac dealerships were forcefully closed...not. a. chance.  Sorry, I'm a little pissy about what's happening to Cadillac.  I've always been a Cadillac fan, even as a kid when everyone else was drooling over that Fast and Furious shit.

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