May 31, 2009

George Tiller is dead

I think everyone knew this was coming someday, but it still made my jaw hit my chest.

Dr. George Tiller, extreme abortionist, was shot and killed while attending his church today.  His wife was singing in the choir at the time.

I'm having trouble sticking to my rule about not speaking ill of the dead at least in the few days after their death here, so I'm just going to say that I'd really like it if people stopped shooting up churches.  A church should be a safe place to whoever chooses to attend.

I'll have more to say about this in a few days, and will especially be interested in who speaks at his funeral, but for now that is all.

Update: George Tiller's killer may have been identified, may be associated with Operation Rescue, and may have suggested infiltrating Tiller's church.

Update 2: There's a movement on Twitter to wear white armbands tomorrow in memory of Tiller.  This should be telling.  And please, do go read the #tiller twitterfeed - the sheer amount of rationalization and bias is staggering.

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