May 21, 2008

chicago looking to re-open gun registry after democrat alderman richard mell gets caught violating registry law he helped pass


Mayor Daley said today he's all for the idea of temporarily re-opening gun registration in Chicago -- not as a favor to Ald. Richard Mell (33rd), but to get a realistic handle on the number of guns in Chicago.

A former hunter, Mell is proposing a one-month amnesty after he forgot to re-register his arsenal of shotguns, rifles and pistols as required every year by the ordinance he helped to pass.

"Oh, oh no, isn't because our alderman got busted for being the hypocrite he is, we, uh, um, just want to get a good record of how many guns are in Chicago...yeah, that's the ticket."

So what was the cause of this violation of Chicago gun laws?

Earlier this week, Mell acknowledged that he knew about the re-registration requirement and should have complied with it. He said he delegated the responsibility to a staff member, who apparently dropped the ball.

Rule one of American politics, it is always a staffer or advisor's fault when a Democrat politician gets nailed for hypocrisy.

"He has a home in Wisconsin. He brings 'em back and forth. He's not running out with a shotgun and hurting people," the mayor said.



...Just let the meaning of that statement sink in a while.

Basically, this stupid registry was enacted about 20 years ago, and they banned all new handguns from the city, with the purpose of reducing crime...doesn't seem to have worked

Gunowners in Chicago have to register their firearms every year, or they can't register them and they would be considered illegal.

They've apparently been kicking around an amnesty proposal for a long time now, but it seems only now that an Alderman has been caught with his pants down, they're going to get around to actually doing it.  Funny how that works, huh?  Registration amnesty for me but not for thee. 

I wonder how many decent, responsible gunowners have faced abuse, possibly some sort of criminal, legal sanction, seizure of their firearms or punishment because of these abusive registration laws that the Chicago politicians that created it can't be bothered to follow?

One last thing, party affiliation is not mentioned once in that article...funny how it always works that way.

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