June 12, 2008

Bumper Sticker Prediction

I earlier predicted a win for McCain in Wisconsin but I've decided that I was basing this on an expected rationality that Wisconsin and the nation seem to have lost. 

I started looking at one of my favorite political indicators over the past week: bumper stickers in traffic.

I have seen several dozen Obama bumper stickers but have yet to see even one McCain sticker on the highways of Wisconsin.  Unfortunately, this isn't the only indicator.  Every major poll has Obama way ahead electorally and in nearly every battleground state. 

I resisted saying this because I was so sure America would come to her senses but it's time to admit the truth. 

Obama is going to bury McCain in November.  I'll predict 53% of the national popular vote.  This will result in a brutal ass-raping in the Electoral College.  

We're so screwed.

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