April 21, 2008

bill's bilge

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It has been a long, long time since I've done one of these, thankfully Cuffy has already done some of it.  You can see what he has here, here, here and here.  Unfortunately, this guy is a hell of a lot more wordy than Beauchamp, often as incoherent, and at least twice as moonbatty.  In any case, I've picked up a few choice quotes.  If you've got any choice quotes you've found, be sure to let me or Cuffy know.  I've also screencapped most of what I wanted because the ratbastard disabled text copy.

When you read Bill Ayers, you come away with four things,, he's a Marxist tool, he sees education as a subversive tool to be used by he and his ilk, he isn't sorry for engaging in terrorrist acts, and he clearly wants to redefine terrorism for his own benefit.

Here Ayers questions the terrorist designation of the ELF


Ah, I see, thank God we have a terrorist to try and define terrorism for us.  Tell me Bill, you Che-wannabe twat, would a dance hall full of NCOs be noncombatants and innocents?  How about the property damage done during the Days of Rage?  I'm guessing not in your twisted little world.  Seems to me Ayers just wants to nudge terrorism into more forgiving terms for himself and his political allies. 


We're all terrorists, and the US is the biggest terrorist of all! 

I wonder if Ayers would be singing the same tune if some right wing nut decided to torch his home, hmm?  I'm guessing he wouldn't be pounding a podium in the courthouse demanding that terrorism charges be dropped.  All Ayers is doing here is trying to shift terrorism away from himself and his political allies, and toward us, specifically the US and Israel.  Indeed, like much of the left, our guy Ayers isn't a fan of the Israelis.

Here Ayers laments rabid Israel hater Norman Finkelstein's resignation from DePaul in September 2007.  Nothing really stuck out as noteworthy.

While we're on the topic of hating Israel, you know where Ayers is on that.  He basically declares that Israel isn't what it is, that it's all narrative,




I think I cut off the word "rights" at the end of that, but I'm not about to crawl back into the sewers to check.  The rest of the piece is a checklist of things leftists hate about Israel and weak attempts to tie the lefty Israel narrative with other shit, read it if you want.  Really, I'm only noting the anti-Israel stuff as an obligatory thing.

Here Ayers railing against JROTC.


Yeah, he always was more of an explosives guy...

Nice questionnaire.


Look at this guy try to redefine terrorism again!  He must carry them around in their own basket! 

Ayers is not sorry for his terrorist activity.




His attitude amazes me, it never crosses his mind that justifying his terrorism justifies it for others too. 


There's your line, he won't confess to a sin he doesn't think is a sin, and it becomes obvious that he doesn't think his activities as a Weatherman were terroristic.  Certainly he's said he has no regret, this is just one more instance of it.


Yeah, and Ayers seem to be fixated on trying to be the lefty terrorist folk hero while not being considered a terrorist.  He pretty much admits he wants it both ways here,


This time Ayers is a bit more defiant.


You'll notice, he never answers the question as to whether he was wrong for the bombings.  If he is so bothered by people taking from his statements that he has no regrets for Weatherman bombings, why does he not say he regrets those bombings or admit they were wrong?  Because he doesn't think they're wrong, obviously.  As he said in the piece before, he wants it both ways.  And he lays it out here,


Your side lost the Cold War, Ayers, even if your side wins in terms of control, you've lost as a philosophy.  Marxism always leads to ruin and EPIC FAIL.  The USSR could barely provide basic needs, the Cubans couldn't even do that, the Chinese Communists are accepting a little capitalism to prop up their rotting system.  All of them are repressive thugs and violators of basic human rights, and unable to provide basic needs you take for granted.

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