September 05, 2007

Big Brother Is Swabbing You

A top UK judge is calling upon the British government to create a database containing the DNA profile and fingerprints of every UK citizen and every visitor to the country.  The judge says that it would prove useful in conviction of criminals because you have the DNA of everyone there, and if you can get a DNA sample, you can easily convict, which is true, but that doesn't justify the incredible invasion of privacy and potential for government abuse that it poses. 

He says it should be "for the absolutely rigorously restricted purpose of crime detection and prevention."  If you trust any gov't to be that responsible, you are a fool.  This is insane, and exactly what happens when you let the Nanny State run wild, y'know like this...

By the way, this is a real poster, touting Britain's closed circuit television(CCTV) system, which is used by police to monitor spots throughout the city, an idea which receives 71% support here in the US.  Already, the Brits actually keep biometric samples from those simply accused of crimes, they once had to destroy them if the person was exonerated or charges dropped.

 This crackpot idea is getting pushback from civil rights organizations thankfully, and the Home Office has made a statement that they have no intention of establishing such a system.  I'll be curious to see if this idea gains any traction, the fact that they're even putting serious thought to it is alarming, of course, I find that the idea of putting surveillance cameras in US cities is supported at robust 71% in the US is alarming too. 
Some people may find all this concern over the Nanny State to be irrational, overstated or paranoid, but one need only look at the creepy intrusive overreach in Britain, and plans for further control to see that it is entirely justified.  Interesting to note, the Brits are leaving their homeland* in record numbers, and I can't say I blame them.


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