March 31, 2008

around the moronosphere in 80 iq points

Thanks as always to the Moron-in-Chief for that title, let's get to it!

Cuffy reminds us of a would be grim milestone.

Okay, if you're a Moronblogger, you have to try this widget out, it tells you what a foulmouthed little bastard you are.  I have The Hostages beat, so that's a plus. However S. Weasel, bmac and Sean M all have me beat.

Infiltrating the Winter Soldier II conference.

Ontario's Human Rights Commission asks university if canceling classes for Jewish holidays is discriminatory?

Ryan Phillipe is whining about Iraq being out of the news, and is blaming that for the tanking of the anti-war propaganda film he did.

No wonder this asshole supports Death Taxes...

No wonder the Brits end up having to pull their own teeth.


More slimy elitism from the GOP leadership, which unfortunately makes it much, much harder to do this.

Stash looks at the excellent job the NIU police team did during the attack there, and they really did, Chief Grady had them about as trained and prepared for that type of disaster as they could be.  The police did well with my school when it happened too(no one died at ours), but we've also seen poor responses to attacks at other schools as well.  I agree with Stash and believe faculty, staff and students should be permitted to carry if they qualify to do so, its the best chance we have at limiting the damage of these type of attacks.

Kim Jong-il does his part to reduce Global Warming.

Weird Al branches out into video games.

Stories like this make me a little less worried about making mistakes in reporting, or whatever the hell it is I do on this crappy blog.

Heh, some Hunday fun.

Some funneh, and some not funneh.

An interesting take on whether Obama was BSing the airlift story.

Muslihoon on what is happening in the Islamic world, and what role the West should play in it.

Wyatt again confirms a little theory I've had...Philly is a worthless hellhole.

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