October 29, 2009

You know why people hate lawyers?

Louisville Slugger was successfully sued for close to $900K by the family of a youth league pitcher who was killed by a hit ball*, because,

...Louisville Slugger is liable for failing to warn about the dangers of using aluminum bats, and that the failure to warn played a part in the accident that caused the death of Brandon Patch.

Uh...what?  The eight million release forms that the league makes you sign warning both parent or guardian and child that sports are risky, and injury or even death can occur isn't sufficient?  So now what, we have to tack warning labels on all sporting equipment too?  And what is particularly dangerous about aluminum bats over other types?  There isn't, and if memory serves me correctly, the reason that youth leagues and softball use aluminum is because of the dangers of wood bats shattering and throwing splinters everywhere.

Naturally, the jury stated that there was nothing defective with the bat, but because it wasn't plastered with eight million fucking warning labels, Louisville Slugger gets hosed. Seriously getting fucking tired of this, you can't do anything or buy anything without eight million fucking warning labels and release forms.  For the record, I'm as disgusted by the drooling fucktards in the jury as I am the ambulance chasers, they should all be put in stocks and pelted with rotten eggs and produce for this nonsense. 

Eventually people will pretty much have nothing to do but sit inside and play video games, surf the intarwebs and watch TV...until some ambulance chaser successfully sues entertainment producers and ISPs for a fortune because someone has a heart attack or suffers deep vein thrombosis or some shit from sitting in one place all fucking day.

*Yes, I feel horrible for the family, it sucks, but the idea that they didn't know that this was part of the risk in playing baseball, especially for a pitcher, is asinine.  My cousin was an accomplished softball pitcher (not a lesbian, FYI), I can guarandamntee she knew what the risks were, as did my aunt and uncle.

**Also, yes, I know, not all lawyers are evil, and there are times where someone has been wronged, and lawsuits are legitimate.  This however, is not one of those times, but the neverending stream of suits like this make people look down on the legal profession.

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Stupid question of the day

I need to buy some darts as a gift, I'd like to find some decent ones in the under-$25 range (they're for amateur dart players).  I'm guessing at least one of you has spent entirely too much time in a bar and can educate me on the finer nuances of what to buy.

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This. Shall. Not. Stand.

Behold! A 2012 trailer! Since someone decided to take a swipe at the glory that is Emmerich.

Don't make me break out the Boll.

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Mutton Chomp

Suggested tag line, "They've been taking up the ass for millennia. Now it's payback time."
Genetically engineered sheep run amok in a very zombie-like way.
Nice touch with the mint juice. That made me laugh.
IMDB says it's real (edited to put that in)
Via Are We Lumberjacks
(It's new to me. Send it to Ace and let him post it so you can tell him it's old)

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I think at least one of you is going to be applying for #3

Ten Stimulus Projects to Remember, h/t Rep Mike Coffman.

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Japanese Game Shows Are Awesome!

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Homeschool FAIL

She's ready to take him back to classes because she's realized her son is completely insufferable and she doesn't want to deal with him anymore.

A woman who took her sixth-grade son out of an Ada elementary school because of how he was punished said she is ready to take him back to classes. Amy Caton said her 12-year-old son, Jonathan, was told to stand facing the brick school building at Willard Grade Center during recess on Oct. 20. She said the boy was told to stand close enough to the wall that his nose would touch it.
If you're going to leave the discipline of your child up to the school, you should at least go whole hog and let the school choose the method of discipline they find most effective.

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Of course he hasn't been attending his Senate Judiciary meetings

...kinda hard to attend Senate Judiciary Committee meetings from under John McCain's desk, after all.

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Let's Throw A Can of Petrol Onto the Fire That Is NY-23!

Well, it appears as though moveon.org has decided to enter the fray.

From their fundraising letter:

Charlie Cook, one of the most respected political analysts in Washington, says that a Hoffman win would “shock Washington and force both parties to rethink their strategies.”4

It would dramatically strengthen the Sarah Palin wing of the Republican party. And as for the Democrats—remember how the teabaggers’ town hall disruptions rattled conservative “Blue Dog” Democrats? Imagine how hard it’ll be to pass progressive legislation if conservative Democrats spend the next year worrying that they may be unseated by people who think Medicare is socialism and President Obama isn’t a U.S. citizen.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious. But it is. Which is why Bill Clinton and others are working hard to raise the money Bill Owens needs to win. Local MoveOn members voted 77% to endorse Owens. But they need our help.

Most of us probably haven’t heard of this race. But it will have an impact on health care and everything else we’re fighting for. So can you spare $10 or $20 to help stop the far-right from scoring a major victory? I’m contributing. Will you join me?

Yeah, this should end well.

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What? You want media accountability?!

It's really weird hearing an old Republican white dude saying "Fergie and JLo".


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No way THIS could go wrong

Donor-free human sperm and eggs.  Except it's not quite donor-free...

The American team used stem cells taken from embryos in the first days of life but hope to repeat the process with slivers of skin.
So just so I make sure I'm understanding this correctly...they aborted babies to create a baby.  Did I miss something here?  I mean, I haven't had my first cup of coffee yet, it's entirely possible that they're not suggesting something completely outrageous and wrong.

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Top Ten Hoffman Campaign Promises

So everybody knows about Doug Hoffman (Actual R-NY), who is running against Dede Scofflawza (RINO-NY) for the open Congressional seat there.  
And everybody knows he's been endorsed by the cream of the conservative crop, from Sarah Palin to Fred Thompson to King Leonidas of Sparta, with his famous cry of "This!  Is!  Hoffman!"
But what a lot of people don't know is that Doug Hoffman, in addition to being a real man and a real Republican, has made ten campaign promises that will forever alter the face of the United States.  As usual, though, I'm on the case with the straight scoop.  Here they are:
10)  On his first day in Congress he'll rip Waxman-Markey in half with his bare hands.  Not the bill, the actual moron congressmen.  But don't worry, they won't be harmed at all: they have no spines.
9)  He will replace the normal Congressional role-call with that guy who does the Tyson fights saying "Let's get ready to rumble!"
8 )  Despite his new job in Congress, he will defend his UFC championship belt.
7)  Will create an American parallel to the Nobel Peace Prize, the Hoffman Hippy-Punching Prize. 
6)  He'll fix government spending.  And not in the mechanic way, but more the way a veterinarian would.
5)  Not only will he make sure that no American gets left behind, he'll keep his hands off of the intern's behinds, too.
4)  Uwe Boll, Roland Emmerich, and Michael Bay will all be immediately deported to Guantanamo.
3)  Roland Polanski will wish he was so lucky.
2)  All funding that is being used to fight manbearpig will be freed up in the US budget, because Hoffman will track, kill, clean, and mount the thing himself…with a spork.
1)  He'll never "compromise" by letting the Democrats have everything they want plus bipartisan cover, too.

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Why Is Natalie Portman So Hawt And Yet So Foolish?

Natalie, please! Just stick to being hot and in my tawdry dreams. Don't mess it up by talking about anything but how awesome I am.

"I say that Foer's ethical charge against animal eating is brave because not only is it unpopular, it has also been characterized as unmanly, inconsiderate, and juvenile. But he reminds us that being a man, and a human, takes more thought than just "This is tasty, and that's why I do it." He posits that consideration, as promoted by Michael Pollan in The Omnivore's Dilemma, which has more to do with being polite to your tablemates than sticking to your own ideals, would be absurd if applied to any other belief (e.g., I don't believe in rape, but if it's what it takes to please my dinner hosts, then so be it).

Thanks to Alice.

Sigh. Now I need a pick me up.


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I hope Steyn is wrong...

...but I kind of doubt that he is:

I keep getting e-mails saying, "People will reach a tipping point and they'll no longer put up with this stuff." I doubt it. Right now the way to bet is that once free societies will retreat incrementally, one trivial step after another, into a totalitarian hell.
The funny thing is that the whole "WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!!!1!one!!1!eleven!" thing that the left was shouting over the past eight years was essentially right, albeit for the wrong reasons. It's easier for the vast majority of people to just say, "Well, the government will take care of it, so I don't need to bother." And while the tea party protests and eruptions of anger at town hall meetings made for lots of satisfying news coverage, I'm afraid that the people involved only represent a vocal minority.

In other words, I'm pretty sure we're fucked, at least in the long term.

Oh, and if you want to see the latest Nanny State idiocy Steyn is talking about in this instance, be sure to click on the link.

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October 28, 2009

"Fortunate Son", Done Up Awesomely Awesome Like


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Can't be unseen

Because I watched Teeth today, and it deserves a much lower IMDB rating.

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Reason Eleventy Bazillion And Twenty Eight Why The Government Should Not Be Allowed To Run Anything More Complex Than A Sno-Cone Stand

Holy Jeebus! These guys really know how to run an efficient program, don't they? Just look at the roaringly efficient success Cash For Clunkers was.

The government could have done almost as well by just giving away cars for free, instead of creating an elaborate incentive program, according to an analysis by the automotive information firm Edmunds.com in Santa Monica, Calif.

What happened?

Well, it’s in how Edmunds crunched the numbers. A valid way to evaluate the program economically, it says, is to look at how many people purchased cars that otherwise wouldn’t have been bought. The firm says that number is about 125,000 cars. By that measure, the government spent $24,000 to generate each sale of a new car.

For comparison, the average price for a new vehicle in August 2009 was $26,915, minus an average cash rebate of $1,667.

In all, the government spent $3 billion on a program that provided cash toward 690,000 car purchases – about $4,348 per car. That makes 565,000 people who got as much as $4,500 to buy a car they would have bought anyway, according to the Edmunds analysis.

Yeah, and anybody who believes Obamacare will be an efficient, cost effective endeavor needs to just get a whack in the head from the clue bat.


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Gee, I didn't see this coming

Guess which part of the federal government is facing "painful adjustments" to its budget?

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Yes, the mood tail, a bad idea whose time was millions of years ago. And thank Gaia She got rid of them. Imagine if your tail was like a dog's tail? You're trying to explain how you're not having fun at the sorority pillow fight as your tail is going a mile a second. 

I bet a dollar it gets sold at adult shops for affecting mood rather than for showing it, if you know what I mean and I think that you do.

Cleaning it'll be a pain though, alex will have to let us know.

Via Vodkapundit

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If ever there was a reason to get involved...

It should be to make sure that THIS doesn't happen.

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