April 30, 2008


Again, if you haven't offered best wishes to Stash, be sure to drop him a nice note, if you have a few shekels to spare, that would be awesome.  He's very grateful for the help he's received already.

Let's get to the links!

bmac revisits the story of Chris McCandless

Steamboat McGoo has a fun photo gallery...no, this isn't a smut link, you'll have to find that when you're over there.

Baghdad Jim McDermott (D) pays up his $1 million in damages to John Boehner, McDermott still claims victory

The UN continues to be worthless (unless you're a tinpot dictator), more at 11.

Global Warming will cause AIDS

The GOP elite remain worthless and continue their efforts to lose elections, film at 11.

Microsoft launches a bunch of new stuff that my crusty old computer probably can't use and I'm too much of a Luddite to learn to use, hopefully it works better than Vista, for all you poor bastards who have it.

The key quote from Obama's Wright speech yesterday, and a hat for Obama.

Funny 'shop and good post by Slublog.

B-b-b-b-but, the Brady Campaign told us it would be Wild West Shootouts everywhere!!!

McCain might have an easier time taking Pennsylvania in the election.

You can buy a mini arsenal for your LEGOs.

Albert Hoffman died yesterday...trippy.

Okay...this is weird.  On a somewhat related note, The second Flash is making a comeback.

A good dose of bureaucratic FAIL

TSO comments on the video that is going around showing the abysmal conditions of an Army barracks

Democrat acts like Democrat, I wonder if there are any reservations in Virginia?

A reminder of why Hillarycare is a very bad thing.

Liberty wins again!

CB has a quick list of links, the last one in particular is alarming, if you're a gunowner in the Soviet of California, you may wish to call your representative and try and stop this bit-o-fascism from happening.

Russia's nuclear subs not combat ready?  I wouldn't mind hearing geoff's take on this.

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