April 18, 2008


Wyatt hits 200K

"Memory is a Motherfucker"

bmac states the obvious about the Michael Moore wannabe Morgan Spurlock.

Rapper Akon busted for wannabe thuggin'. 

Sockless Joe says don't go crazy on the Lieberman love, something the people declaring Romney '12! should consider.  Joe has this right, beyond national security, Lieberman is a straight up liberal.  What makes Lieberman unique is that you actually can be civil with the guy, he isn't New Left in his attitude like most of the left.

Cranky on Nutroots fascism.  Interesting enough, I did a post on Mike Bunch's reaction, and there is plenty more hysterics than what cranky has linked.  They're quite entertaining. 

...and while we're on the topic of censorship, this needs to be corrected immediately.

Baldi revels in the discord on the left.  Aren't we all?

Messiah runnin' scared.

Charlie the Unicorn has a sequel.

Nigerian Oil Minister's nephew caught!

Can't beat the title: Hope. Change. Unity.  Whining.

Anyone else feel the earthquake?  Kadnine, US Citizen and Rosetta did, Steamboat McGoo has some facts about the quake.

The Eggman usually has a decent linkfest of his own, be sure to check it out now and then.


Attila has a very interesting piece about political cycles and the US prison system.  Speaking of prisons, CB found a way to get out of serving your sentence.

Our TSA agents are fudging numbers to make it look like they're meeting their objectives.  Great.

"Mad Cow" type disease forming in pigs?  I agree with Stash, they need to be making damn sure this isn't prion related. 


Jihad Jihad girlfriend!

Watch out for the zealots.

If you haven't it yet, I still have the best version of this story.

Heh, he's like a little kid...

More legislators moving to ban Bumper Nutz.

TSO looks at an anti-war candidates book and record, part of a series, do be sure to check them out.

Car bomb and Iraqi cash found in New Mexico?

Who knew the South Koreans were using our textbooks in their classrooms?

Thanks for the plug CT, he asks if I'm now the Instamoron.  Heh.

He also has a piece on Britain giving up a million pounds in compensation to heroin addicted prisoners who were refused a heroin substitute.  He asks the right question, yeah, it was cheaper than the legal fight, but what about the damage to society at large?

Segregation in Britain.  What else do you call it

Some commenter uses one of Cuffy's posts to pwn some lefty.  I have to do it,


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