June 30, 2009

Denver Public Schools, district of excellence

If there was any doubt in your mind that teachers have an agenda, let this school put it to rest.

Of the 10 new schools, nine are charters. The tenth, the Denver Green School, was created by Denver Public Schools teachers and principals and will use the environment and sustainability as its overall theme.
I'd like to take a moment to remind you of Denver Public Schools' stellar performance in meeting and exceeding our students' needs regarding the basic skills to make a living, attend college, and be accomplished enough to make something of themselves other than a welfare mom or street junkie.

In other words...

Are you fucking kidding me?! Denver Public Schools can't manage to educate its students in actual, necessary, required subjects, yet it wants to create a school where the emphasis is going to be on something that is only a necessary job skill if you're planning on running a community garden or sponsoring a commune. At best, we can hope that DPS continues its tradition of excellence in education and turns each and every student into a leave-every-light-on, gas-guzzling-SUV-driving, dump-your-motor-oil-into-the-drainage-ditch-on-the-way-to-your-job-managing-a-smog-belching-factory Republican.

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