June 15, 2009

Only in America

Only in America could a success story like Michael Bennet's happen.  From privileged beginnings as the son of the CEO of National Public Radio, Michael Bennet was magically sucked into the Colorado political machine and was appointed to the post of Superintendent of Denver Public Schools, where Bennet pledged to serve for at least five years and turn the school district around.  He did such an amazing job of improving the school district around that he was promoted to US Senator - and accepted the position - a year and a half before his promised five years has passed. 

Here's a snapshot (PDF warning) of the tremendous job Senator Michael Bennet did for Denver Public Schools, as DPS is being called on to the carpet to answer for how...fantastic! its performance as a district is.  A few choice tidbits:

  • "only about one-half of the city’s 9th graders finish high school in four years"
  • "Success with such dramatic reform requires education leaders who can articulate and implement a vision, sustain the effort to achieve it, and build wide-spread support to protect their hardwon progress." (emphasis mine)
  • "Most schools miss federal, state and local targets"
  • "Current student results are unacceptable by all measures."
WhoRunsGov view Bennet as Obama's point man in the Senate for education reform.  With such evident success in Denver Public Schools, is it any wonder?

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