May 29, 2008

PSA on the Blogrolling, I'm still looking for an alternate for Wordpress because the script I gave you won't work.  Or, if someone has found a workaround to make Wordpress take the Blogrolling roll, do let us know how. 

An update on Stash's adoption adventures.  Let's hope this goes well.

The latest on Wack Jack Thompson.

Garrison Keillor decides to stir a little Andy Rooney-style old man griping about things he doesn't like or care for into his normal liberal-tinged dull, faux whimsy bullshit he puts forth.  His target?  The Rolling Thunder Rally.  What a tool.


Indeed, British society is going backward in a frightening way, and has for a while, I linked a story in links yesterday where British "academics" tried to bar Jews who support Israel from working in universities.  Earlier, I linked a story in links that pretty much describes segregation

Interesting documentary.

It'll be interesting to see how McClellan's book gets used by historians.  I think hope that historians give proper consideration to McClellan's interests in trashing the Bush administration.  I think the guy had no real future, was clearly incompetent as the White House spokesman (seriously, compare him to Tony Snow, or hell, even Ari Fleischer), and decided to cash in on the cottage industry built around trashing Bush. 

And on a similar note, Geoff asks a very good question to those angry by McClellan's betrayal, are you really mad at him, or are you or should you be mad at Bush?  I'm not at all angered by McClellan, because as I state above, I think from his perspective, he was going nowhere careerwise, and decided to cash in by trashing Bush.  And I agree with Geoff, it is ultimately Bush's fault, he is really bad when it comes to choosing staff, and this is just the latest confirmation of that fact.  Slublog's take on McClellan.

That Afghan dirtbag who killed his sister in an "honor killing," may have also drugged another Afghan woman, raped her and then bragged about it online.

This kinda works, the problem is that when I was a young kid, I played with Apple II and IIe, and played with games like Oregon Trail, but my intarwebs experience starts in the late Netscape/Myst era.  So does that make me the early era or the latter? 


Yeah, sorry McCain, the base isn't going to get energized when you remain hellbent on kicking sand in their facesAbout right.

More GOP incompetence.

They really don't want to see us increase our fuel supplies

More peaceful antiwar protesters...b-b-b-b-but, I thought they wanted the troops to be home, and love the troops but hate the war!!!1!1

This practice is less about anti-police bias, and more about ignorance and a jaded view of firearms amongst reporters, enhanced by their own leftist viewpoints and ignorance.  We all know the saying that exists in the field of journalism, "if it bleeds it leads," its true, and its unsurprising that they hate guns and weapons, much of their reporting is about violence.  It has to skew your worldview and make you think that every there are OK Corral shootouts breaking out all over the place.

Stupid Amnesty International...

Yeah, I really want the government running everything.


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