July 23, 2009

Your Rights End At My Wallet

I hate to keep stealing from Mike at Cold Fury, but he's been on a blogging role lately.
In today's theft... errrrr..... linkage, we have the Gunslinger saying something that I knew but couldn't quite put it in words.
The Gunslinger says,
Anything that requires the labor of someone else cannot be a universal human right.
It's just a greedy, selfish Want.
In a nutshell—nothing that demands the labor or sacrifice of another is your right.

Bing-fucking-O Gunslinger
Our Constitutional, Natural Law rights require only that others leave us alone. They require no labor, action, payment, participation or sacrifice of anyone else on our behalf.

Well, mostly. They do require that busy body assholes leave me alone and that's asking a lot, but the point is valid.

So the next time some tool says that "health care is a right", I'll be able to explain exactly and concisely why it's not.
It won't change any leftist minds, but they won't have a response so they'll have to shut up about it.
And that's about all I hope for anymore.

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