January 24, 2008

You Gotta Give Credit Where Its Due

No matter where you are in deciding what to do in the post-Fred fallout period (I haven't decided yet), you have to be objective and admit, Mitt Romney runs one hell of a political machine.  Should be the first few pics, he's got Fredheads for Mitt banners up already.

If any one of my six readers is wondering why I haven't commented on the Fred dealie, I'm just not sure where I am on it, my state is one of the last to vote in the primaries, so odds are very likely that the nominee will have been chosen. 

Part of me is inclined to cheer for the Stormin' Mormon for just the primary at least, for no other reason than to screw over that asshole McCain as one last, emphatic fuck you for all the times he's screwed over the conservative movement during his time in office.

McCain always says he was a foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution...Reagan was before my time so I don't worship him like that retard Hannity, but I get the feeling if the Gipper were here today to see what McCain was doing and has done, he would have thrown his ass in the brig.  Most of McCain's destruction was done when the GOP was in the majority, Reagan had to battle with a Democrat controlled Congress, he gets a pass for most of his compromises and sins, McCain gets no, and deserves no forgiveness.

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