March 11, 2009

Yes We Can...deny veterans their benefits!

The Age of Plenty...unless you took a bullet or shrapnel for your nation.  Jonn at This Ain't Hell has more, and has been following the story for a while.  While a bunch of people are having their mortgages paid off, corporations are getting bailed out, billions of dollars in stupid pork projects are being passed like they're nothing, and yet we're going to scale back our veteran medical services? 

Yes, I know that the VA health system is a mess, and is often cited as an example of why socialized medicine is a bad idea, but this isn't like they're giving veterans the money to buy a private health plan, they're saying "fuck you, you're on your own," to these guys. 

On a purely political level, what the fuck is Obama doing?  Seriously, taking away veteran benefits while you're throwing fistfuls of money at every fiscal delinquent that walks by you?  Pretty damned stupid, and I'm guessing that Democrats in Congress will shut this harebrained scheme down because there's no way you can back this sort of idea and get re-elected outside of deep leftist territory. 

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