November 23, 2009

Shall we play a game?

The Iranians are feeling all frisky, they're having some war games to show their might so the invaders will tremble.
Since the same Chinese story has been up all day I'll make fun of this defense of Iran.
I am a little surprised, I figured that now that Obama was God/President of Earth.. the US that it would be okay to be on America's side but I guess you can't teach an old piece of garbage a new smell.

Gen. Ahmad Mighani, head of an air force unit in charge of responding to threats to Iran's air space, said Saturday the war games would cover regions where Iran's nuclear facilities are located.

Good, that way we'll know where to go.

The drill involves Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard, the paramilitary Basij forces affiliated with the Guard as well as army units.

Heh. I'm sure that's gonna go smoothly.
Fanatic military/terrorists, fanatic street thug/terrorists and regular army dudes who really, really, really don't want to be there, all mixed up and running around in war games with weapons and heavy vehicles and testosterone levels through the roof. What could go wrong?

The United States and its European allies accuse Iran of embarking on a nuclear weapons program. Iran denies the charge and insists the program is only for peaceful purposes.

Yeah, it's all a he said/she screamed out death to the Jews.
And just in case you think Iran is doing this for no reason.

Israel has not ruled out military action to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

I knew it was the Jews. It's always the Jews.

Also on Sunday, Iran's defense minister, Gen. Ahmad Vahidi, said Iran planned to pursue designing and producing its own air defense missiles, according to the official IRNA news agency.

Okay, that's funny. I figure we'll see some dude photoshopped onto the bridge of the Enterprise. They'll forget to remove the vulcan ears when they add in the Iranian's face. They should hire Slublog.

His comments were apparently in response to the delay in the delivery from Russia of S-300 anti-aircraft missiles, meant to be a key component of Iran's air defense.

Dammit, now why would the Russians be delaying the sale?

Iran complains that the delay is apparently the result of Israeli and U.S. pressure.

The Jews, it's always the Jews.

Unintentional comedy alert
Commenting on this week's war games, a senior Obama administration official urged Iran to engage with the international community.
"We would prefer that the Iranian regime follow through on their offer to engage,"

See, that's why this is so funny. They've repeatedly told the world they want to engage.
The Jews.
With nukular weapons.
Yup, it'll be hysterical until cities go up in nukular fire.
Don't think I'm callous, it's just far too depressing to take seriously and Minitru is sticking up for Iran in articles like this.

(Title edited cuz I screwed up the quote)

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