July 31, 2007

Wonkette: Pat Tillman Was Ordered Assassinated By Administration

Here's some liberal crazy for you, served up by the cockroaches at Wonkette. (don't give them traffic, I'm just citing) plus Ace and Bryan at Hotair asked me to copy their post, so I had.

dept. of political assassinations

Who Ordered the Execution of NFL/Army Hero Pat Tillman?

It’s almost too depressing to mention again, but let’s recap the Pat Tillman revelations from Army medical examiners and internal Pentagon reports released last week and find out what happens when famous football stars turned Army Heroes become anti-war critics:

  • He was shot three times in the forehead at close range with an American M-16.
  • This was after he was shot in the chest, legs and hand.
  • And this was after he screamed to the “friendlies” that he was Pat Tillman and please stop shooting him.
  • But they didn’t; they executed him.
  • They were Americans.
  • There wasn’t even an “enemy” around; not only was nobody shot by “enemy fire,” no equipment was shot by “enemy fire.”
  • “Members of Tillman’s unit burned his body armor and uniform in an apparent attempt to hide the fact that he was killed by friendly fire.”
  • Army medical examiners tried to get a criminal investigation opened, but they were shut down.
  • The Army brass who conspired to shut down any criminal investigation into the U.S. assassination of Pat Tillman sent “congratulatory e-mails” to each other after shutting down the snoops.
Ace mentioned that its interesting that the left kicked around Tillman, up till they thought he could be used to their advantage.  Sick fucks.

I thought I'd drop you a little reminder of what these sick fucks used to think of Tillman.

Remember this?


Baldilocks sends us this which blows Wonkette's Rummy refusing to testify talking point out of the water.

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