March 31, 2008

why silky pony hasn't made an endorsement

I wondered why ol' Silky hadn't made a commitment.  Basically, he doesn't like Hillary because she's taken too much money from big lobbyists and big corporations, and Elizabeth apparently hates Hillary's guts.  Which would leave Obama, right?  Not so much, the Messiah totally effed up. 

Apparently Obama wasn't as gracious as Silky thought he should be the day Silky dropped out of the race.  Obama later got into an argument with Elizabeth Edwards during a sit-down with Camp Silky because the Messiah's health care plan doesn't mandate insurance and care.  On the flipside, Hillary had a cordial meeting with Camp Silky that went fairly smooth.  From the sounds of it, Silky isn't gonna endorse either. 

Seems to me that the NYMag is getting reeeeeal nervous about this primary, asking how the Democrat elite can talk down Hillary. (Hint guys:  They can't)  They lament the increasingly brutal primary fight.  They then go on to speculate what Democrat leaders can talk down.  Pretty pitiful how far down the line they go. 

This Democrat primary has become supremely entertaining.  No matter where you are on the McCain question, this fighting amongst the Democrats is good for conservatives, even if the Democrats can get their shit in order enough to offer a challenge or even beat McCain, odds are the Dems ripped each other up enough to prevent a deluge of Democrat gains.

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