July 15, 2008

Why didn't I think to do this?

An open letter to the editors and staff at Townhall condemning their willingness to allow the anti-Semite dirtball Pat Buchanan's columns to appear there.  Where this reader argues Buchanan should be made to apologize, I don't, it'd never be sincere, Buchanan's anti-Semitism has been well known for ages. 

Buchanan should be purged from the conservative movement altogether, we allowed him back in a bit a few years after the WFB purge of Buchanan, and we never should have done that.  Buchanan should be driven out of any mainstream conservative publication, online or print, and left to his own to publicize his anti-Semitic garbage.

Moar: Buchanan's latest column at Townhall argues that Teh Joooooos are the cause of high oil prices. 

Like the Rott, I'll no longer be visiting or linking Townhall.com until Buchanan and all his "works" are purged from the site.  I'd encourage every other moronblogger who is opposed to Buchanan and his anti-Semitic filth voice their displeasure with Townhall and follow suit.  Any other site that hosts Buchanan's filth should be subjected to a similar embargo as well.  The only visit that should be made to Townhall is to the Townhall contact form to demand Buchanan be thrown off of Townhall.  Let's finish what Buckley started.

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