April 30, 2008

who knew pigeons were into steve martin?

Nah, not really, someone has been shooting darts at pigeons with a blowgun.  Seriously, look at the picture of the pigeon in that article and tell me you don't immediately think of this,


There are now a couple of pigeons walking around Seattle with darts stuck through their heads.  The darts went through a space on the pigeon's head that exists between the pigeon's eye and brain, so that the dart do any damage to their brain.  However they could die of infection if the darts aren't removed and the wounds cleaned. 

While it is abusive to shoot these pigeons in a way that kills them in a slow, painful and inhumane way, the PETA whining is unbearable. 

"This is just a horrifying case," she said. "Someone who would do this to an animal is a short step away from doing this to a human being."

I really despise PETA.

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