September 27, 2010

Who do you root for?

Okay, I can't understand this story.

Some process server tried serving divorce papers to a lady who had successfully avoided at least one other process server.

She was stuck in traffic so he pounced.
The videotape shows Bantley behind the wheel of her car. As Bellizzi stands near the front of her car, he can be heard saying, "Oksana Bantley ... Superior Court …" Bantley shields her face with her hands. But before Bellizzi finishes speaking, she can be seen apparently turning the wheel of her car toward Bellizzi and the car accelerates. The video shows Bellizzi on the hood of the speeding car for a few seconds before the tape cuts off.

So she tried to run him down. She hit him with her car and went at least a couple hundred feet with him hanging onto a windshield wiper.*

"Well that's not confusing" you say.
You should wait until I finish. Jeez, some people are so impatient.
A Denver process server has been charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief after he was run over and badly injured...

Weird. That's about a clear cut a case of adding insult to injury as you'll see outside a State dept SUV vs. Treacher.
I wonder, is she related or affiliated in some way with local police or politicians? Conversely, did he piss off the local police or politician?
That's the only thing that would make sense of this story.
Via Boortz

*Pro-tip: If this happens to you, grab the edge of the hood by the windshield with both hands spread wide and lay spread eagle on the hood while using the tops of your feet on the front of the hood to stay stable.
Trust me, I avoided serious injury once in just that manner after
not avoiding minor injury a previous time. It's nearly impossible to be dislodged if you do that.

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