June 03, 2008

hey, where the white women at?

Because they aren't with Barack Obama's campaign anymore.  I resisted making the Blazing Saddles reference initially, but I'm a moron, so I've changed it.  Obama was up by three with white women in April polls, and now McCain has an eight point lead with white women voters. 

For once, it seems that Obama isn't the one to blame for this alienation of a key demographic, it seems to be coming from the vicious hostility coming from Obama supporters that has driven many Hillary supporters away.  I'm not surprised, as nasty as some of the "Fall in Line!" vs. "Fuck McCain" fights can get, the infighting among Democrats has been much nastier. 

The real question is, can Obama mend those fences?  You would think so, but so far, this campaign season seems to be a contest to see how many key demographic groups this lot of supremely incompetent candidates can piss off.

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