May 27, 2008

where the gop went wrong

John Henke, filling in for Megan McArdle at The Atlantic, pretty much explains it with two quotes and gives a shameless plug for The Next Right, which I have very high hopes for.  We small 'l' libertarian, small government and liberty-minded conservatives need to take back control of the GOP, and the sooner the better.

Never a good sign, check out this out, a screencap of the GOP website, where Barack Obama's name is mentioned ten times.  How many mentions for McCain?  Nada.  Any talk of ideas and core principles of the GOP?  Nah, not really.  It is basically a bunch of talking points and swipes at Obama, and that they have nothing but to talk about the other guy is not a good thing. 

The elite of the GOP pretty much stand for nothing, and it shows, Tom Cole on Fox News Sunday rejected forswearing earmarks, but said they've got some token squishy, mildly, vaguely anti-pork legislation, and are waiting to hear from the Democrats before they pursue it.  Are you effing kidding me?  You're waiting for the Democrats to approve it?  And yes, earmarks are a tiny fraction of a giant problem, but they've become a symbolic issue, not unlike the border fence.

They just have nothing left in their arsenal but to fling poo at Obama like a bunch of monkeys, and hope it smells enough to drive him away.  At this point, the same criticism Rush Limbaugh has attacked Democrats for, that "they seek power solely for power's sake" is almost equally as true of the GOP elite.  Not good at all.

(H/T Conservative Belle)

Also of note, sounds like Mitch McConnell's Senate seat may be in trouble.  This kinda makes me think of Tom Foley, the Democrat House Speaker who lost his seat in 1994.  This is a bad sign, or maybe a good sign if you think we need to see this kind of purge of our leadership this fall.

And there is some good news too.  Kleptocrat Don Young of Alaska is vulnerable to a much better candidate, the current Alaska Lt. Governor Sean Parnell.

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