August 27, 2009

What's worse than Nazi or Holocaust Denier?

The names I've been called for trying to point this out.

Weather patterns across the globe are partly affected by connections between the 11-year solar cycle of activity, Earth's stratosphere and the tropical Pacific Ocean, a new study finds.

And how did they come to the stunning conclusion that the huge, glowing orb of nukular fire in the sky affects the Earth's temperature?

An international team of scientists led by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) used more than a century of weather observations and three powerful computer models to tackle this

In other words, they didn't start out with the idea that WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!1!!! from global worming and fit their data to prove that.

They looked into and found out how and why it happens, they actually did real science and probably risked a sure Nobel Prize by not finding that the Sun has minimal effect on the temperature because CO2 generates heat in a complex nucleic reaction with smog.

Read the article, they explain how it affects the stratosphere and the Pacific Ocean, they talk about how it changed cloud cover. No global warmmongering article ever mentions cloud cover and most either ignore the Sun or have unnamed "experts" or Erlich say it doesn't matter much.

I wonder, will they ever get a job in climatology again?
I hope so.
H/T the same place you saw it, Ace's sidebar

There is this that puzzles me

a peak of sunspot and
solar storm activity we're currently headed toward

It's bylined " staff" so I wonder who threw that in. The Sun has been inactive for far longer than expected. People keep saying, "The next sunspot cycle is starting any day now" but then it doesn't.

The first link is from September of last year where NASA is saying it's weird how quiet the Sun has been, the second is from December when the next sunspot cycle "was going to start any day now", the third  is from July of this year when it was "gonna start any day now".
There are still no sunspots right now.

So we're "currently headed toward" a peak in the sense that a car at a red light is "currently headed toward 50MPH".

But maybe it's because scientists are almost angry at the Sun, there's no reason for it to suddenly change how it works.

That kind of scares me. I mean, I'm the one always harping on The Funniest End of Civilization Ever and how funny would it be if global warmmongers totally cripple our supply and use of energy just before an ice age?
Pretty darn scarily funny, and that scares me a lot.
And makes me laugh.

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