June 27, 2009

We can't be politically ADD anymore

Chad's been hammering the point, and it's a valid one.  We get pissed off at the Democrats and Vichy Republicans, and we vent and phone in and write letters for a few days...then we go away.  Real LifeTM and the daily grind of life distract us, and we let things go, or in the case of the Vichy Republicans, we all too often rationalize and accept their incompetence/betrayals. 

It isn't enough just to quit donating to the GOP, or re-register as an Indy or LP or whatever else is out there, we have to boost worthy people, donate or volunteer for individual candidates worth supporting.  Don't just tell the GOP and RNC what it is you're doing, but why you're doing it, and keep telling them.  Even a quick note along the lines of, "Don't think I forgot about this sellout on Crap &Trade/Porkulus/Amnesty/pretty much everything, dickheads!  Now, if you were to do this, this and this, I may change what I'm doing, till then, I'll be doing things the way I am now." now and then, even after things have cooled down, will have an effect.  The left is playing to win, and we're going to lose hard if we don't make the effort to stop them.

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