March 06, 2010

Vote for the Homo!

I live in Northern VA, my Representative is Jim Moran (Hates-Veeshir, VA).
I used to live in Maurice Hinchey's district, the 4th craziest congress-critter, Moran is probably 3rd craziest. (no plans on moving to either Ohio or Texas so 1 and 2 are unlikely).

But this year, in keeping with this homo-friendly site, I get to vote for a homo!
Matthew lives in Arlington with his partner Josh and two dogs.

And the best part? He's not just "better than Moran"(a very, very, very, low bar), his "issues" pages give me a chubby.
Except for "transportation", it is generally thought that better roads will help NoVa's traffic.
My solution involves shooting rockets at every third vehicle.
That's the only way.
 But everything else involves limited gov't and more freedom for me.

Gooooooo Homo!
h/t Volokh via the Puppy Blender.
As the PB says, check out the homo love from the nice, tolerant lefties in the comments.

I meant to say, I'm mostly happy someone is contesting this race. His conservatism and lefty-head-popping-homoness are just the icing on the sundae.
I usually just write in Meryl Yourish because there's nobody running against Moran and Meryl campaigned to be written in for some other position right around when I moved here so it was her or Fred Flintstone and I had visions of nobody voting for Moran in protest and Meryl winning 1-0.

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