July 07, 2009

Union FAIL

The Stella D'Oro company makes biscuits and other baked goods.  The company was based in the Bronx.  The employee contract ended on August 14, the company tells the employees that they can't run the company profitably paying them $18-22 an hour and offer a nine week paid vacation, and of course the employees immediately go on strike

Judge orders Stella D'Oro to reinstate the employees.  They do so, and promptly announce they're closing the plant and relocating in October.  And this shit happens all the time.  Union guys, already getting good pay and benefits and all that good stuff above most of the rest of us, get greedy and overstep, and the management hands them their asses.  I of course sit here, with my ill paying non-union job, and see the union dopes wipe themselves out with their own stupidity and greed, while their dues money goes to corrupt union bosses and Democrats, all I can think is,

The amazing thing is you know, you know these retards are going to sit and gripe about those evil greedy managers and execs that screwed them out of a decent living.

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