August 31, 2008

Ummm...has he been watching the same person I have?

Marc Ambinder took a break from splitting atoms...with his mind to write an informal Q&A with...himself?  I found one of his answers to himself a bit nuanced (emphasis mine):

How big are the risks for McCain?

Enormous. The fighter pilot whose hero is TR is trying to land with zero visibility. It is going to be hard to wrest away from Obama the banner of change, and McCain risks being seen as unserious about national security.  Palin is smart and quick on the draw, but she is completely untested and prone to bursts of the mouth.  She seems to know very little about Iraq and the world and even about the national economy.  She is an identity pick, first and foremost, and a process-pick, second.   Women could be offended or inspired.

First of all, she has been to the Middle East (Kuwait, not Iraq) as many times during her tenure in office as Barack Obama has in his.  Secondly, what mother with a son headed to Iraq isn't following what's going on there?

As far as the national economy goes, I've (of course) found her to speak eloquently on how America's reliance on foreign oil hurts both our national security and economy.  But then again, I'm from a town that's smaller than Wasilla, Alaska, so what do I know?

Update: I've just been informed that Sarah Palin is not--I repeat not--a Jew like Eric Cantor and Jack Abramoff.  I'm not sure if this applies to her bastard grandson Trig Palin.  I'll keep you updated .

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