November 26, 2007

Trent Lott to Resign

What else is there to say other than - Adios, mofo!

I've always found Lott to be a slimy little tool with a bolted on helmet of hair, between his general sliminess, his far from kosher attitude on spending(as everyone else in the dextrosphere has stated), his elitist good ol' boys attitude, attacking the base for its oppostion to amnesty, and making a veiled threat to talk radio.  I realize nearly every righty blog has said much the same, but really, when you hear Trent Lott is resigning, all these things pop into mind immediately for conservatives.  He needed to go. 

Interesting enough, Allah at HotAir thinks that he's resigning now to sneak in before new lobbying regulations come in that would effect him.  Which is in large part why I thought so many GOP elite were cool with voting for amnesty, because they truly believe in it, and they ultimately weren't going to get punished, because lobbying firms would keep a desk for them should they lose their seat.  Lott probably was safe, but that sweet, sweet lobby dollah was calling him, and he saw the window closing, so Lott did what comes most natural to him, he sold out.

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