August 05, 2008

Garbage Day!

Told you this Nanny State nonsense would make its way to our shores.  San Francisco is going to start mandating that serfs separate their waste into different types of recyclable and non-recyclable bins.  Sanitation workers will be inspecting their bins and they can be fined up to $1000 for not complying to the diktats of Big Brother. 

Here's just part of what happens with these idiot Nanny Laws.  I immediately thought of the problems that these idiotic nanny laws are causing in Britain, in particular the abuses of power.  Of note is a story of a 96 year old veteran, a Desert Rat in WWII, who was denied garbage collection for two weeks for the unspeakable crime of putting a ketchup bottle in the blue bin, when it belonged in the green one.

Then there's this, some guy has the collectors refuse to take his garbage twice because of frivolous trash ordinances, so he wheeled his bin to city hall and dumped his trash in city hall.  This sort of nonsense is already here, and we have to keep it contained to Soviet enclaves like San Francisco. 


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