June 13, 2008

Time to make the move on drilling legislation?

Ace seems to think so, and I think he's right.  If the Congressional GOP wants to save it's collective ass this fall, now is the time to make their move and move to expand drilling, refining capacity and nuclear energy.  And they can't be squishy, they need to be out front and bold. 

People aren't buying the alternative energy lie anymore, they aren't buying the greenie Global Warming propaganda, and there are growing calls for Congress to allow the market to work, and allow increased supply.  The effects of demagoguery pushed by liberals, the media and populists are wearing off, and people are finally coming to their senses. 

The GOP in Congress cannot hedge themselves because of McCain's intemperate stubbornness either, if McCain is stupid enough to choose to fight on that hill with the Democrats, let him fight.  He'll either accept that he's lost, and sit it out or join the fray, or lose with them. 

House and Senate Republicans should propose as many bills to expand oil exploration and energy production as they can, and keep pounding away daily until public pressure forces the Democrats to go along with it.  The current GOP Congress has what may be their last chance to restore their badly tarnished image.  If they seize the initiative, ignore the Global Warming hysterics, especially Newt Gingrich and John McCain on our own side, and take a bold stand for something, they may not see themselves receive the severe beating they're anticipating taking this fall.

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