August 31, 2010

The pettiness, it is strong with me

I have no plans to watch Obama's speech tonight, mainly because there are important things like US Open tennis to watch. But I noticed people commenting about how he doesn't plan on crediting the surge for working. No! You lie! Obama's not going to give credit to someone else? You. Lie.

Here's the part that interested me: "Gibbs said Obama plans to call Bush before the speech".

I hope Bush refuses the call.  Seriously, I hope he refuses to take it.  Why should he?  Why on earth should he speak to a man who has done nothing but insult and slur him?  I'm unaware of any law that requires a private citizen to speak to the President.  Of course, common courtesy would lead Bush to take the call but I'm of the strong opinion that one extends the same level of courtesy to another person as that person has shown.  Based on Obama's actions toward Bush, Bush is entitled to publicly insult Obama.

Now, he won't.  We all know that he won't.  He's a decent person and has an appreciation for the dignity that should be displayed by former Presidents.  Yes, I'm looking at you Clinton.  But still.  It's a nice little fantasy to imagine Obama getting a bit of comeuppance. 

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