March 26, 2008

the moronosphere network - around the world in 80 iq points

Thanks to the Moron-in-Chief for that headline.  Once again, if you'd like to be added to the Moronosphere blogroll, do feel free to drop a comment here or at CB's.  Oh, and if anyone has a fun title or line for the Moronosphere Links, feel free to drop a comment with it too.

Again, since CB is putting together the Moronosphere blogroll, it only seems fair to give her first dibs on linkage.  Today we see a downside on swearing off pork, in this case, constituents in South Carolina want federal money for a cemetery for veterans, but their congressman has sworn off pork, and is sticking to that promise. 

I say downside because this is a legit cause that is worthy of federal funds.  He says he'll look for other means to get this cemetery built, I think setting up a charity fund, putting up a website and seeking donors would be a good start, particularly online, there are a lot of people who would be ready to jump on board to help with that.

And here is a worthy cause that I somehow missed yesterday in yesterday's links, but PattyAnn at The Hostages caught it.

Dan Abrams calls Kos unpatriotic!

The NYT discovers the Rickroll, gets pwn3d.  Non Moronosphere link here, but I have to add this, someone at the LA Times finally sat Rick Astley down and asked what he thought of the Rickroll.  He's actually really cool about it.  I've gotta link it, don't I?

And a good morning dose of FAIL for you.

And how about an EPIC FAIL chaser, courtesy of the global warming cultists, who are watching their 15 minutes crumble under repeated bitchsmacks from new scientific findings. (As it turns out, this wasn't new at check your sources people, its impossible for me to do that too)

Hot and cold from mesa.

Dan Ruwe on the increasingly aggro and violent anti-war movement.

Steamboat McGoo on putting mice into suspended animation with hydrogen sulfide...which you may know for its unpleasant smell.  (PS, McGoo always links a nudie pic at the end of all his posts, *hint* those would be NSFW if you click them)

The Eggman takes a few good swipes at a NYT writer.

bmac says good riddance to Jericho.

Hugo Chavez continues attention whoring, but did endorse John McCain...sorta.

Okay, this is a little unnerving.

Tata, the Indian budget auto manufacturer, is buying Jaguar and Land Rover.

Nice Deb revels in the chaos of the Democrat primaries.

I love Slublog's 'shops.

Enas has fifty bucks he wants to blow, anyone have a suggestion?

Get your horoscope!

Snapped Shot has a Rage Boy sighting.

Moviegique has an open dialogue on Race.

CT on the rapid changing of institutions in the modern age.

Don't try and think about this for too long...

Stash has an interesting question, maybe some morons have a take on it?

Now this is funny.

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