March 27, 2008

the moronosphere network-none of us is as dumb as all of us

Thanks to Dave in Texas for today's tagline.  Again, if you want in the Moronosphere Network, drop a comment and let us know. I'll probably update the links today, so check in again in a while.

What, you aren't voting for Obama?  Then you're a racist dick!

Mike Gravel, a big 'L' Libertarian?  Does not compute.  Oh, and Alan Keyes is joining the Constitution Party...have fun with him, fellas.

Canadians honor their fallen soldiers.

Slick Willy calls out Obama.

More peaceful behavior from the peace movement.

Barry Bonds booted by Ball team.  Let's hope he's too radioactive for any other team to pick him up, he and other guys who juice up are a disgrace to the game. 

Some sniveling leftist whining about conservatives pointing out that Obama went to the church of a racist America-hating conspiracy theory mongering anti-Semite.

College paper forced to apologize for anti-semitic rant.

Karl at PW on McCain's League of Democracies.

NC Congressman...hey, c'mon guys, this pork money isn't a big deal!  Oh, he's also the biggest pork fiend in the state.  It is a big deal, maybe not in the amount of money it sucks up, but let's be honest...they're buying votes, and no one should be allowed to do it, whether its the GOP Bridge to Nowhere guy or notorious pork fiend John Murtha.  Oh, and AT&T is hiring...maybe.

Awesome.  A Coptic priest is making a real pest of himself for jihadis and islamists as he successfully converts Muslims in Egypt.  Good job, Father Botros.  His story is fascinating, be sure to read it to see how he does it.

Mike at Cold Fury goofs on the always hysterical Andrew Sullivan

geoff on the sheer stupidity of Reuters, and on architects building things to resist bullets in LA because it has become such a hellhole.   Here I thought all those gun control laws would stop this...

Sean M. finds a new twist on the drink of choice for the Ace of Spades Lifestyle.

Bill Clinton gets grilled by an interviewer.

Baldilocks on Baghdad Jim's trip to Iraq, and poses a very interesting question.

And I'll leave you with this great photoshop, though it may be too scary for alexthechick.

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