September 16, 2008

The latest on the latest GOP sellout

What the hell, did we import our Senators from France?  I knew our people were squishy wusses, but good grief.  Here's the latest dishonor roll of the Ten GOP Senators who want to sell you out,

Dole (NC)
Collins (ME)
Graham (SC)
Thune (SD)
Corker (TN)

Isakson (GA)
Chambliss (GA)
Sununu (NH)
Warner (VA)
Coleman (MN)

And you can find the Democrats who are selling out here too.

NRO has a look at this thing, the Gang of Twenty bill is Amnesty-level sellout *correction, I think that's a look at the Pelosi plan, Gang of Twenty isn't much better though, and we need to stop it before they sneak it by. 

The McCain campaign would be smart to avoid this bill like the plague, and would be smart to try and destroy this Gang of Twenty Sellout behind the scenes.  The last thing McCain needs is a massive Amnesty-style fight to remind conservatives how much they dislike him, and he and his campaign better be aware of that if they want to win in November.

Want to know what the environmentalists say about this bill?  Here you go.

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