October 28, 2007

The Latest Goofy Half Baked "Eco-Friendly" Idea in Britain

You'll like this one, remember that scene in Terminator 2 where T1000 gets doused in liquid nitrogen and smashed into a bunch of little pieces?  Well, apparently, so did a group of Swedish scientists who were looking for an alternative to burial and cremation.

What they do is freeze-dry your loved one with liquid nitrogen and shake them until they break up into powder, except for any dental fillings (they still do those?) or surgical implants, which are picked up by a magnet. 

The first reason they want to do this is that Brits are running low on burial grounds for full burial. The second is because cremation lets off emissions, and can also let off mercury from fillings, and those emissions fall under UK environmental regulation, and the cost of the special filters required would be prohibitive for many places that cremate bodies.

For now, its being considered by British government officials as an alternative for burial and cremation, as those are the only two legal ways to put someone to rest.

Have we really come to the point in our global warming hysteria that we're actually considering turning our deceased into human Space Food Sticks?  Give me strength.

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