October 21, 2010

The Hour Is Approaching

Yes, the hour when those who have endeavored to ruin the present and future of this country with statist legislation the public opposes is near. The hour of judgment for those who mocked, physically attacked, libeled, slandered, falsely accused, sexually taunted, and generally douched all over us even as we the people voiced our disapproval is at hand. And the hour of judgment for those who have sought to replace the freedom and opportunity woven into the DNA of this country and her people with despair, stagnation, and dependence under the guise of hope and change is at hand.

That's right, lefties, I have something for you:
Fuck you. Fuck you and your careers through your festering fuckholes with the flaming flamberge of fuck so forcefully that you'll be sneezing out your entrails during the lame duck session. Fuck you for trying to destroy the country. Fuck you for ignoring the voters. Fuck you for your attacks on us. Fuck you for your arrogance. Fuck you for your "I Won, so shut up" attitude. And fuck you because I fucking hate what you have done and fucking want to continue to do.

Did you really fucking think that we the people would just roll over and let you destroy the freedoms and opportunities passed down to us? Did you really fucking think that a people who were raised in liberty would acquiesce so easily, knowing what would and has been lost because of you fucking fuckedout frosted fuckcakes of fucktupletry? And did you really fucking think that we would not be energized to walk through the goatseworld to make it to the voting booth to cast your fucking useless asses out to the land of dickfistery? If you did, then stuntfuck you with a circus midget for your stupidity.

No, you fucking idiots. This election is personal. This election is my opportunity to tell my daughter that I did everything in my power to keep her free and hopeful as she grows up. This election is my opportunity to tell my ancestors that I did everyfuckingthing I fucking could to preserve what they sacrifices, fought for, labored over, risked everything for, and died to promote and defend. This election is my opportunity to tell future generations that I stood up and told creeping despair to get fissionfucked so fucking deep and violently that the Y Chromosome of Freedom will still be coursing through the blood of the seventh generation to come after me. And this election is my way of telling me that I was true to myself and refused to yield in the face of media lies, character assaults, union beatings, and all around Bill Maherisms when I could have simply taken the easy way out and let them run roughshod over this great land.

I fucking hope everybody out there does what they can in a few short days to once and for all wipe the scourge that is liberalism off the map. I fucking hope that we leave no fucking leftist standing. I fucking hope twitter courses wet with 140 tears per utterance from a despairing leftie.  I fucking hope the carcasses of many leftist careers are forcefully violated by the hyenas and jackals that will come around after we triumphfuck what was once there. And I fucking want to drink the fucking milkshake right out from under the noses of the douchebagger class.

So fuck off, leftists. Your hour of doom is at hand. Get fucked beforehand so that it won't hurt as much in a few weeks. And take your ruin with you.

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