January 30, 2009

The Drop In GDP Put In Perspective

As a disclaimer, I want to note that things are rough out there right now, and if you have lost your job, or know a person who has, I am not attempting to minimize it or downplay it. But, the drop was not as bad as predicted.

I know the Deciders are still trying to overhype the drop, with this as example:

The weakness in the fourth quarter was masked by a buildup in inventories, which adds to output even if they are unwanted. Real final sales for domestic product, which excludes inventories, decreased 5.1% in the fourth quarter.

Nice try buddy.

Anyway, I don't want to go all Kos-like in my conspiracy theories, but I wonder if the Deciders want things to sound worse so that they can hype The Magic Unicorns, and then claim that The Messiah's policies have lifted us out of this slump, and not the natural business cycle.


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