October 21, 2007

The Debate

I made a comment, it was a Ted Kaczynski sized manifesto, so I thought...make a post with it, so here goes.

The line of tonight's debate was McCain's "I was tied up at the time" line, while talking about Woodstock.  As much as he can grate on me in politics sometimes, the fact that he could suffer that way, and still have a sense of humor about it speaks to his character.  He might not be the guy to be president, but he's a hero, and he, his selfless service and suffering in Hanoi Hilton stands in stark contrast to the epitome of self-serving indulgence of the hippies at Woodstock.  So God bless McCain.

As for the analysis, Rudy is still on top, he did well, and he'll be tough to dislodge, not much to add to that, really.

Fred did well, he was the wild card, he knew it was make or break, and he made it, whether the haters can bring themselves to admit it or not, and he's gonna move up to a solid 2nd and will be nipping at Rudy's heels soon.  He showed the energy he desperately needed to, and spoke well, which was critical.

Fred made a smart move(whether he meant to or not) by focusing on Rudy in the beginning, even after the moderators GAVE him a second chance to take a swipe at Mitt, Fred didn't do it and hit Rudy again, it squeezed Mitt out, and pushed Mitt into a second tier fight with McCain on war policy, and McCain has an Absolute Moral Authority Card(well earned one, of course).  If Fred maintains a solid campaign at the level he performed tonight, he'll give Rudy a run for his money by Primary.

McCain started rough and weak in his opening statements, but quickly recovered, and did well and is rebuilding himself at least in conservative opinion.  He's not gonna win because of his "maverick" positions on too many key issues and tendency to rebel against his own natural base of support and the old bad blood from it, but I would not be surprised to see Fred or Rudy start talking about offering him a cabinet position.

Romney: I can has Raygun Legusee?

Romney was the biggest loser tonight (other than RonPaul), I don't know if he hurt himself, but he didn't help himself, and he's about to get swallowed up by Rudy and Fred unless he fights for his seat at the table, that was obvious.  He was just off today, he had good moments, spoke well, but there was just something that was off.

Huck was the second loser tonight, he was picking up momentum and had a chance to push into first tier, its gone, between Fred making a solid advance, and his poor tonight, I think he's locked into the strongest second tier till he's finished in primaries. He might be VP material, he's a decent speaker, if Romney wasn't in the game, he'd be first tier.

Tanc did okay, he did the smart thing and didn't try to pull everything back to immigration, which hurt him and the issue last time.  He said some good things and made a decent contribution, its obvious he ain't presidential material, but he knows that, and we do too, he's trying to drag the debate right.

Hunter did about as well as Tanc, a good contributor, a little more likeable on a personal level.  I still disagree with him on trade issues, but he's solid on immigration and the war, and he's okay in my book, not Presidential, but he'd be a decent cabinet guy.

RonPaul...crank, but he was a smidge less shrill and loud in his crazed rants, so that's a plus...I guess?

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