December 31, 2009

Thank You, Lefties, For Reaffirming Everything I Knew About You

As the news of Rush Limbaugh's health situation broke and developed through the night, the unsurprising level of hate spewing forth from the left on their blogs or on other social media sites reached China Syndrome levels of sickness. Save a classy tweet from Rachel Maddow, the reaction from our "betters" was a case illustration of how nasty, mean, petty, cruel, and hateful their otherwise empty souls really are. They were reacting on a personal level to a man who holds political views opposite of their own. They were hoping for the death of a man who didn't engineer murders or try to kill our servicemembers on the field of battle. They filled thread upon thread on their sites with taunts and classless statements.

And to that, I say, "Thank You." Thank you, lefties. Thank you for dropping the mask of tolerance and revealing for all to see how nasty  and sick you are. And thank you for allowing me to say the following to you:


Fuck you with a spore soaked bag of the sex organs you do not like. Fuck you with the venom and bile you are choking on as we speak. Fuck you for wishing for a man's death while coddling those who wish to kill millions of us. And fuck you for just because you are nasty people.

I am fucking glad you fucking shitfisters of shit said and wrote what you did last night, because now that you thew the first punch, I no longer feel compelled to hedge my words. I no longer feel compelled to restrain myself. I no longer have to worry if a human fucking being is hurt by what I wrote, because you sure the fcuk didn't feel that way last night. You forfeited your humanity, and I will gladly part with mine to handle you. AndI WILL FUCKING  NEVER FUCKING APOLOGIZE for another word I say or write to or about you ever fucking again. Never! You hear that, fuckingly fucked up fuckfisting  fuckbags of fuck and fucklicks?  I will rejoice at every bit of suffering you feel. I will taunt you. And I will heap upon you the level of shit you threw out last night with the anger of a dude who isn't all there as it is.

So fuck you, lefties. Fuck you and your hate. And fuck you for what I am going to do to you. And as a portend of what is to come, I have a line from a book you dickdigglers of dickheaded dickishness have probably never read:

"Et ecce equus pallidus et qui sedebat desuper nomen illi Mors et inferus sequebatur eum et data est illi potestas super quattuor partes terrae interficere gladio fame et morte et bestiis terrae."

Conjugate that, cocoitusers of the common cock.


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