June 27, 2008


We usually leave the Big Boob Fridayâ„¢ stuff to The Hostages, whose offering for this week includes beer, Christian rock, and a rather fulsome Floridian, but I thought this week I might jump in, too.

You see, the other day, my brother and I were discussing the feminine pulchritude (i.e. big  tits) of various Los Angeles area teevee news personalities, when he mentioned that the local NBC station had a weather gal on their early morning news show by the name of Elita Loresca who had to be seen to be believed. 

Now, since I'm what you might call a Gentleman of Leisure (i.e. the kind of guy who's hung over a lot) I rarely, if ever, catch the early morning news.  But in this age of wonders we have Google Images, which brings you the following likeness of Ms. Loresca, below the fold.

Oh, and before you click, there's a bit of a NSFW Content Warning.  But you knew that.


I'm told she doesn't dress like that while on the air.

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