August 31, 2008

Talk about "gob-smackingly vile"

Over at Moron Central, Ace makes the argument that Excitable Andy has gone too far with his embrace of "Trig trutherism," and that conservative bloggers should swear off linking to anything he writes from now on.  I don't know if any of the bloggers here have ever linked to any of Sullivan's posts, but I agree with Ace.

Andrew Sullivan was one of the first bloggers I read on a regular basis, and I used to have a great deal of respect for him, even when I didn't agree with what he wrote all of the time, but he's descended into the worst kind of hackery over the last few years, and I agree witgh Ace when he says "He should be blogging at the Daily Kos."  He's not just attacking Sarah Palin here, he's attacking her innocent teenage daughter and infant son as well, and that's beyond reprehensible.

So I say, yes, let's join in on this ban.  As I wrote in the comments over there, he's dead to me.  If you disagree, let me know in the comments.

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