November 16, 2009

Soooo....About That Recovery And The Reporting Of It

Thanks to this tweet from an intrepid Missouri dude, I decided to look for myself at the site to see if, indeed, jobs were being saved in a Congressional District that didn't exist.

Well, lookie here.
Sure enough, the O-bots are claiming that five jobs were saved in the 14th MO Congressional District. Only problem? Missouri only has nine Congressional Districts.

Uh Oh!

Now, I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt to the O-Folks and assert that maybe the five jobs saved/created/whatever came from the 14th State Congressional District. But that is dubious, since the chart also lists the "00 Congressional District" and a few other oddly numbered ones, but not every State House District. And no "00" District exists for the State House.

Double Uh Oh!

Without sounding too conspiracy minded, something tells me that something fishy may be going on with the recovery claims. Or the O-Bots will simply claim this was a misprint. Either way, "Sheriff" Biden needs to look into this.

****UPDATE**** I did a scrrencap.

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