August 28, 2007

Sony Putting Rootkits in Products Again

According to a Finnish computer security firm.  This isn't the first time the numbskulls at Sony have done this either as you can see in the link.  I have to admit, I'd have a hard time buying anything from Sony right now.  Sony has become an utter crapfest.

For me, the split with Sony came from hardware issues with my PS2.  The early models tended to suck in dust and cloud the laser, causing Disc Read Errors.  People who bought theirs later didn't have this problem as much, but early PS2 owners can tell you about the horrors of seeing Disc Read Error over, and over, and over again.

 After looking at sites that said the PS2 was having issues and you could send it back, I called tech support, they asked me if I used any third party stuff...I should have lied and said no, so they told me ninety bucks for a service charge, and I thought, screw that.  Later, my sister and I found out what the issue was, and that you could make a temporary fix by gutting the stupid thing and cleaning the disc reader lens...we might have seen it on TechTV before Comcast ruined it. 

Anyway, that provided temporary fixes, but it required ripping apart our console regularly. 

Beyond that, the spectacular failure of the PSP, the rootkits, Lik Sang, and the overheating issues of the PS3.  Sony sucks the barbed cock of Satan. Oh, and here's the obligatory Maddox link.

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