December 14, 2008

So who are the 4 percent?

I was listening to Hannity's Man on the Street last Friday and chuckling over the repeated dead air when the victims were asked, "Do you know what a Blagovejich is?" I was guessing that these people lived nowhere near Illinois, especially since the only person who answered correctly was admittedly drunk. I think I was wrong.

Most polls had the governor's approval rating in the low two digits, from 16% to about 25%, but a recent survey had Blago (as the Illinois public has grown to call him, unflatteringly) at an incredible subbasement-level 4%.
So who the hell are the four percent of Illinoisans that still approve of Blago?  Is "He's a four-percenter" going to be the new label for someone who is so far into idjitdom that it's beyond even moron comprehension?  Have they started polling lockdown dementia patients after sunset for approval ratings?  Instead of asking, "WTF is wrong with Wisconsin?", will we soon be asking,  "WTF is wrong with four percent of Illinois?" 

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