February 18, 2008

Small Brewers Struggling Due to Predicted Supply Shortages, A Hero Emerges

We told you about the coming troubles for small brewers, and the effect environmentalist policies were going to have in intensifying it.  Well, there is now a major shortage of hops, and small brewers are feeling the strain. 

But what's this?  Jim Koch, founder and president of Boston Beer Company, which makes Sam Adams beer, sent out a letter to Brewers Associate members to let them know that they are going to release 20,000 pounds of their own hops storage, and selling it at cost to small brewers who are having trouble getting hops for their beer, or are struggling under the spiking costs of hops.  They're doing this all on the honor system.  Good on Koch and Boston Beer for doing this.  Certainly, small brewers are still in for a rough road even with this help because of the increased cost of grain, but this is definitely a big help.

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